There was a feeling in the air that it is going to be a good day and so it was. Many pilots did over 100 km in Slovenia and I did almost 100 which is still by far my longest distance.


The take off was Kobala in Tolmin and from there the goal was Gemona and back. Luckily I could go to Tolmin where I could fly with Tim and Jean. For me first time flying in Soca Valley however I have spent huge amount of time looking at the track-logs and google maps. I knew everything that I needed to do I just had to do it. Around 12:30 we took off, everything worked great I was flying very good today fast and focused, climbing fast without losing a time to find a thermal, I think the Volt 2 has a lot to do with it :).  A day to remember, flying with many people above, below and surrounded with sailplanes and hang-gliders a completely new experience for me. This route is quite easy to do on a good day so while my flight was no work of art since many many people have done it, it is a great confidence boost and was a great fun.

Tim and Jean

My goal for this year was a 100 km flight but now going this close to 100 km in just 4 hours flight I am sure I can set the goal little higher for 2016.

The flight.