The end of 2016 just can’t come soon enough. Paragliding wise it was not bad at all. I have managed to keep a steep upward learning curve in my flying with almost no scary memories and many wonderful ones. However I’am writing this with the eyes on 2017 for which I am greatly exited.

This year started with the winter league in Slovenia where I got my ass kicked and had to accept that I don’t really know much about flying competitions, I had to try and learn as much as I can. Than came the upgrade to the Volt 2 and things started to go better. I won the Karavanke Open sport class (only en-c) and participated in the Newcomers challenge in Greifenburg where we were coached by Primoz Susa, to finish the comp season with the nationals in Krushevo. In between there were some very nice xc flights with new friends.

I also had 100 km as goal and have mixed fillings for just missing out on it with two flights of 95 km. Sad because I have failed to reach the goal but happy because I have no doubt of my capability to do this.

Paragliding has a lot to do with trial and error. For me this past year was to explore the theory I had already know. It turned out that it is actually not that difficult, if you see that the sun is shining on a windward slope you should go there and explore, what I have found is that there will be thermals and the rest is confidence in the decisions I make in the air. 365 days latter I am much more competitive.

The tandem season also went nice 🙂

I the future I will be flying under the colors of the Austrian “Air Design” paraglidres. I am grateful for the trust and I am looking forward not to disappoint.

I really like flying competitions so in 2017 I will try to go to 4 or 5 competitions in the region and also go for some big cross country flights in the Alpine, goal is +150 km.

Still better love story than twilight.

It should be a year with a lot of air time and adventure. I will be updating this blog quite regularly so you can follow my paragliding journey here or on the Air Designs chronicles.