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April 2016

96 km with my new Volt 2

There was a feeling in the air that it is going to be a good day and so it was. Many pilots did over 100 km in Slovenia and I did almost 100 which is still by far my longest... Continue Reading →

Karavanke Open

After moving the event to the reserve dates on 21st April we had our first task from Krvavec takeoff . This event is held in the Cerkljah na Gorenjskem area in Slovenia which is a host of┬ásome stunning scenery. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

The North Face goes paragliding

Don't you think that the natural step forward for climbers and hikers is paragliding? I think that there is not a better way to get down from a mountain. The North Face has made a short film on pro climbers... Continue Reading →

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