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Back to XC Racing

This year I had the opportunity to get back to paragliding competitions after a few years of not competing at a high level, and I was able to have the best results in my competitive career so far, but most... Continue Reading →

Hike and Fly on Ljuboten, Macedonia

The forecast showed strong inversion and no winds at altitude, this meant that that is The Day to do a hike and fly on one of the most iconic peaks in Macednonia. I started in 7 am and was there... Continue Reading →

Mkd league 1-2 September

Two more events of the league to go, results are still pretty tight and all bets are off. Unfortunately many pilots missed the event so this time we were in record low number for the year. On the other hand... Continue Reading →

Pre-Worlds 2018

After 430 km and 25 hours in the air we have our old new paragliding champion of Macedonia, Vladimir Nedelkovski, with Borjan Jovanoski and Me coming up as second and third. For me the Krushevo competition season started one week... Continue Reading →

Подмачкано со Allga San

Оваа година ја имав таа можност да работам заедно со дечкте од Allga San - брендот на етерични масла кој е многу добро познат кај сите спортисти и авантуристи во земјава. Направивме две интервјуа во кои зборуваме за параглајдерството во... Continue Reading →

My Dream Flght

We, pilots from Skopje have one thing in common, we dream of flying from our take off on Vodno all the way across the country to Ohrid. It's one of the first questions that student pilots ask "Is it possible... Continue Reading →

Ljuboten Open – Popova Shapka 2018

A new tradition is born in Macedonia. With great help of the guys at the paragliding club Ljuboten from Tetovo, Martin and Aleksandar our one and only scorer (and the best), we had one of the best times competing in... Continue Reading →

Win for Martin Jovanovski at Promachia Open 2018

Promachia Open was held on 13-15th of April, FAI 2 Cat. Event as part of the Greek league in Cross country Paragliding. We had the opportunity to go there as a team, 5 of us ready to race learn and... Continue Reading →

XC paragliding league 2018 – Krushevo

The mission to catch the French at the top of cross country paragliding in the world has began this weekend with the first event of the XC paragliding league in Krushevo. With the help of the Macedonian Aeronautical Federation, the... Continue Reading →

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