After moving the event to the reserve dates on 21st April we had our first task from Krvavec takeoff . This event is held in the Cerkljah na Gorenjskem area in Slovenia which is a host of some stunning scenery.


Unfortunately the task was canceled due a turn point in a rotor, few pilots from the safety committee called Level 3 (I understood only that part) and we went for the landing. I was on my way to this turn point when I went for the landing few km before it.


However, again as usual I had a very bad start, entering the cylinder quite low and than gong very low and slow along the route for the first 10km-15km but then we got to the steep slopes and the thermals were very strong, from than on it was a nice ride.


This was the first XC flight with my new glider Air Designs Volt 2 and it was awesome! I feel super conformable under it, it climbs like crazy and I can’t wait to fly it again.

Second Task saw little bit more difficult conditions and I got to explore another Slovenian village after a bomb out.


However it was enough to secure a first place in the sport class 🙂

The flight