After the “mission impossible” setting on the 3rd task for the sports class on the last one we had a bit more friendly task set on the ridge, however high clouds came in and made things not that simple.


The thermals were weak and they didn’t go high so before the start it was the biggest possible crowd, flying with in few meters from each other. Once we started things went quite OK, close to the terrain and fast. Because I expected to be nice thermals on the way around Caven I didn’t climb high and after the transition I had to make another low save, but it worked and from there I was leading a small group in the final part of the race after which we caught up with another group in front. At the end me and Jean went for a more straight line in the final transition but we couldn’t connect with Kovk in order to go for the last turn point.

The comp is now over, It was an amazing 4 days of flying, the tasks were very challenging and the organization was great! It was great to hangout with Peter and Jean and in the same time compete for the first place in Junior class which is under 28 years, and up to EN-C gliders. Peter showed us how is done 🙂

The Volt 2 was great! I never felt like I was lacking performance compering with the others in sport class. I was pushing it really hard and the C-risers steering is something I am in love with! I could really push hard even in the most turbulent climbing air. However, I do feel like I lack the decision making skill set.

volt vs enzoThis is me overtaking an Enzo  2… of course when he saw he went on bar too and was soon in front, it was fun though.

The level of pilots was very high, we had the Superfinal Champion Aron Durogati, top pilots from the slo paragliding team, Top Serbian pilot Zejlko and much more soundable names. The overall win went to Juri Vidic after an intense 4 day battle with Aron. Best female is Adel Honti ahead of Joanna di Grigoli and Lara Leban.

Flying paragliding competitions once again proved to be a very complex task, so much variables and so much small decisions making big differences, anyway I am staying true to the quest to master this art of cross country competitions. I do feel disappointed for not doing better but looking back I can’t complain, it was an unforgettable event. I am looking forward for the rest of the season and especially Krusevo where I’ll be competing in Krusevo Open, and Naviter Open.

Peter in Goal, wining the Junior and 3rd in Fun Class

At the end I managed to save the second place in Junior class from Jean who was on a serious charge. I was on the podium with good friends, doesn’t get better than that 🙂

Last but not least thanks to Paragliding Club Vertigo for all the support, one can not ask for better supporters! Also to Air Design for constructing such a nice glider. This is not a huge result but anyway, although we go on the result table as an individuals I am great full for the team behind me, the results are not only mine 🙂