On Monday we had much more difficult conditions than the day before, but still the task was quite challenging considering the level of the pilots competing.


We split in to two groups before the start, one very small which I was part of above the take off at Lijak and the big gaggle more to east where usually thermals go the highest. Conditions were much more difficult than the day before, thermals were harder to core and no clouds with strong inversion at around 1500.


We started the race nice but no one went for the turn point north, since we hoped to correct the altitude, except Tomaz Erzen who went on to make goal. After some hard time trying to advance we made the turn point north with Jean and couldn’t find climb on the way back. After this we bombed out next to Luka in the Slovenian country side with maybe 15 other pilots in the close proximity.

The win went to Juri Vidic who is now leading the comp ahead of Aron Durogati.

I have lost the lead in the junior cup, Peter is now leading who did some great flying on the difficult days. One more day and the weather looks great. 🙂