Wow! The weather was just unbelievable, we had a great spring day with cumulus clouds as far as your eyes can see. It was an opportunity to take the race from Lijak to Tolmin and the organizer toke it, for which I am greatfull :).

After the start at Lijak there was one turn point out in the flats just to spice things up, after that we were on route to the Alps. Thermals were super strong and nice, cumulus clouds did great job marking them and it was a serious speed run. When we reached Krn we were reminded once again that the spring is here to stay.


I am very happy with how I was flying, I was basically on half or more speed bar or thermalning, played it really save at the end but happy to be at goal, we can attack more tomorrow. I am 4th in Sport class. Weather looks great for the rest of the days.

Last but not least! Highlight of the day goes to this guys, Vicky, Martin and Bobo  Top Shot Macedonian pilots who were waiting for me in goal with Macedonian beer just when I was thinking about how long it has been that I haven tried it, maybe not because its super good but just because one can get nostalgic 🙂 Thank you guys!


Special congrats to Jean for making goal 🙂