After many canceled days and long hibernation the sun has smiled for this weekend and we had our T4 on Kovk, Ajdovscina. Conditions were promising and we had 30+km race on the ridge with cloud base at 1040m asl.

The video shows my poor video skills however, I do blame the super uncrmftable coldnes for not seting the camera better.

For me the race was lost the day before when I decided not to change the batteries of my vario/gps. The start went great but than I lost the gps connection to the satellite it was probably trying to save battery, I still had the vario sounds. But obviously I can’t attack with out my waypoints so I tried to restart after which it never came back on. I had to go full defensive and save everything I can.

It was awesome! I was flying and climbing and doing great in the absence of a vario. It was just the sound of the wind and fillings of the air. I managed to follow others, got the turn points and made goal. I was super lucky to be on the Volt 2, It just finds the thermals and I knew exactly where I am in the thermal just by the filling, we were a great team this day 🙂

There is a sense of disappointment, I really missed the fight and it would’ve been great to take the race to Luka who did great, first in goal but second due the leading points and others at the front.  Problems with the instruments is just not acceptable anymore.

I came in goal quite late but we are still in the fight for the front, 2 more races to go and points in the first 3 are marginal.  Currently seating 3rd in the Sport class overall.