Two more events of the league to go, results are still pretty tight and all bets are off.


Unfortunately many pilots missed the event so this time we were in record low number for the year. On the other hand we had a guest from France, Romain whose participation took place due to few improbable events. 🙂

The first day we were flying the Nordic Open task, very strong inversion with big cylinder on the east of the valley that gives many options. With Borjan we both went for the flats a bit early I was first to bomb out after a big struggle, I couldn’t pass the 1000m mark in the flats, the inversion won this battle. Borjan landed bit further on the course, those that were on the mountain the longest made good progress.

Second day we had Martin, Goran and Bojan competing, we had a bit conservative task since we were expecting over-development and inversion. Inversion there was but not like Saturday and overdevelopment there was non, so we had a very nice task with a leg in the mountain and race across the valley. We were all in a thermal on the mountain and waiting for someone to brake the ice and go in the flats, naturally Martin goes and we follow at the end I managed to fly all the race with him while the others were behind us for few kilometers.

Task 1

Task 2