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Winter is gone

The winter is now behind us and days that every pilot dreams of are finally here to stay. I can’t say that this winter was really pour in terms of flying. Me and my club got some air, did some... Continue Reading →

Adventure in the purest form

13.01.2015. Not your average Tuesday. I got a call in 9PM the night before “D-Day”. We set a rendezvous point in 5:30 AM we were about to go where no man ever took off with a paraglider - Solunska Glava. Solunska Glava... Continue Reading →

Life as a Paragliding Pilot…

Life as a paragliding Pilot. What could be better? You get to fly along with birds; use the nature to cover distances; have amazing visitas; fly inside of clouds, experiencing a different world, having awesome adventures, a lot of like... Continue Reading →

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