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Vodno-Gostivar 06.05.2017

After 7 months in Slovenia today was the first XC flight at my home site Vodno.  It is always good to be home and I am happy with todays classic Vodno-Gostivar. The forecast promised a lot, however with every update... Continue Reading →

Snezinka 2017 “Konec”

After 6 tasks the unofficial winter league "Snowflake 2017" is over. Thanks to some considerable amount of luck I managed to take first place in the Sport class on my Volt 2! It all started October 2015 when I first... Continue Reading →

Gorejnska, first day of Spring

It was nice not to race and just take it easy. Still a challenging flight though and with stunning scenery! It was first time on Gozd, and getting the first thermal was very difficult, after that it was great flying... Continue Reading →

Paragliding Winter Cup Last Task

After the "mission impossible" setting on the 3rd task for the sports class on the last one we had a bit more friendly task set on the ridge, however high clouds came in and made things not that simple. The... Continue Reading →

Paragliding Winter Cup Task 3

On Monday we had much more difficult conditions than the day before, but still the task was quite challenging considering the level of the pilots competing. We split in to two groups before the start, one very small which I... Continue Reading →

Paragliding Winter Cup Task 2

Wow! The weather was just unbelievable, we had a great spring day with cumulus clouds as far as your eyes can see. It was an opportunity to take the race from Lijak to Tolmin and the organizer toke it, for... Continue Reading →

Paragliding Winter Cup – T1

Finally winter cup! We had a very good first day with cloud base well above 2000m, even though we had a ceiling on 2100m asl. The day had great visibility being back in a the gaggle feels great. The... Continue Reading →

Snezinka T5

Hopes for long task were high but Task 5 of the winter league saw tricky conditions with big shade. At the end we got a 57km task with turn points little bit outside on the ridge at Kovk, with one... Continue Reading →

Hike&Fly in winter wonderland (not for long)

Well the sun is up and yeah it's Tuesday, but a chance to fly is not to be missed. It's strong inversion day, Bora winds on Kovk and no flying on Lijak due to some military stuff therefore, a great... Continue Reading →

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