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Task 2 – Nationals

After 4 days of bad weather and canceled tasks we had our second task on the final day of the comp. Due the bad result on the first task my chances for an overall result were zero so the... Continue Reading →

Task 1 – Nationals

First task of the national comp in Krusevo, weather looks promising and hopes are high. After the take off the west wind became more and more evident. I managed to get low in the flat just at the start... Continue Reading →

Nationals Traning Day

Training day in Krusevo for the Macedonian and Czech open, Great conditions! First time at 3600m, Home is the best! Tomorrow we race!

World Cup Serbia – Task 4

The day started not so optimistic, we had strong wind on launch and it kinda looked like it's going to be too much wind but things got better and we had a 64km task downwind. I was in goal today,... Continue Reading →

Task 3 – World Cup Serbia

Finally nice weather, we had a 73km task and I made goal 🙂

Task – 2 World Cup Serbia

Another difficult day in Serbia. The weather overdeveloped a little and we had big shadows and no pilots in Goal.

Task-1 World Cup Serbia

Task 1 is now in the books, the weather was really not promising with big cloud coverage and strong North-West wind which is not very suitable for the take off above Niska Banja. Hard conditions for take off, big waiting... Continue Reading →

Paragliding World Cup – Serbia

A dream come true, I am at my first World Cup. Big opening ceremony, lots of staff, food, drinks, top pilots, The Mayor of Nis... for sure we are at the right place and it feels good! The bad weather... Continue Reading →


Another good day with high hopes. We had East wind coming and the route was obvious we will connect to Shar-Planina and than go south as far as possible. The day started and all was well and according to the... Continue Reading →

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