A new tradition is born in Macedonia. With great help of the guys at the paragliding club Ljuboten from Tetovo, Martin and Aleksandar our one and only scorer (and the best), we had one of the best times competing in our sport.


The event took place on Popova Shapka or translated, “Priests hat”, a ski center siting on 1500m asl on the Shar Mountain in the North West of the country. All the competitors and guest pilots were accommodated in the same hotel “Konak” and with that we were all one big family. Atmosphere was great with all 4 days flying which was a miracle in it self (the forecast looked super bad before the start of the event), we had 3 tasks with debriefing after them and lectures from Martin Jovanoski and Vlade Nedelkovski.

Two of the 3 tasks took us south to the city of Gostivar and the last one was with landing in the city of Tetovo which made things faster for the final day of competing. After 3 challenging tasks filled with good and not so good racing decisions, highest step of the podium went to Martin Jovanoski followed by his brother Borjan, both flying BGD Cure. Third place goes to Darko Stankovski who also won the EN-B category.

With great effort from the organization and all the sponsors we had a very nice competition which undoubtedly is of great help for the competitive paragliding in our country. Motivation is high and we are training as much as possible for the next years World’s. Congrats also for the pilots that made goal for the first time ever, Petar Ninovski, Aleksandar Angelovski (Joe) and Adam Spirkovski. 🙂

Until next year!