Promachia Open was held on 13-15th of April, FAI 2 Cat. Event as part of the Greek league in Cross country Paragliding. We had the opportunity to go there as a team, 5 of us ready to race learn and experience Northern Greece. At first look we were impressed from the alpine terain and great flying was guaranteed.

We had 2 out of 3 tasks and Martin won the event in overall and serial on his BGD Cure by impressive flying. Me, Darko, Borjan and Aleksandar also had our great races and flights, we managed to get in top 10 for me and Borjan, win for Darko in sport class (EN-B) and 6th place for Aleksandar (En-B)

It was the first time we were at an event as a team and in this number since I started flying competitions, the progress is there and also the team is strong. With this results we have shown that a lot of things are possible for this generation of paragliding competitors from Macedonia.