The mission to catch the French at the top of cross country paragliding in the world has began this weekend with the first event of the XC paragliding league in Krushevo. With the help of the Macedonian Aeronautical Federation, the new generation of young Macedonian pilots and with the senior generation making a comeback to share their knowledge, we are now one step closer to make Macedonian XC paragliding great again.


We had three tasks out of three days, The weather was typical for Krushevo at this time of the year, stable with the flats switched off.


First Day. We had a one way task downwind to the border with Greece, on a day with a lot of humidity and cloud base at 1600m (in the summer we fly at around 3000m). It was a cloud hopping day with a challenging transition at Bucin where a lot of pilots got stuck between the cycles, Martin Jovanoski went on to win the race with Boris Daneski and Borjan Jovanovski arriving in goal second and third.


Second Day. On the second day we had a task that took us just after the city and downwind to the end of the main ridge, two legs of that and a transition to the south for the final part. The day started really well with a nice gaggle at the start and pure racing, it was game over when the day ended a bit early with no pilots in goal. Boris Sazdov made it furthest, second and third were Martin and Borjan.



Third Day. The forecast didn’t look so good for the final day, with a bit of south wind coming in and sticky atmosphere. So we had a task that was downwind to the village of Brailovo. Martin was now alone in goal with the gaggle behind him all around the village of Debreshte, few kilometers short.


Next event of the league is on Popova Sapka in the North West mountains in Macedonia and it will be part of FAI 2 event Ljuboten Open, registration is open for 40 pilots and we are also expecting international competitors.