I have received my new glider couple of months back following a very difficult decision about what glider go get and where to go. I am a pilot who sees himself flying competitions a lot more in the future, but still in love with the idea of hike and fly, however with limited resources there had to be one glider for everything. After almost two years on the Volt 2, many races and many XC flights I was ready to move on to the EN-D as the next natural step.


Now I fly the Hero from Air Design it’s a super light vol biv high performance EN-D glider. I have some hours under it and now I can say more about it. If I have to describe it with one word I would say that the hero is an adventurous glider. It has a way of giving you confidence in the air and on the ground. It is the lightest ever glider I’ve had by far so the take offs are a delight.

It also really works for me because now I have one glider for everything. I have a comp harness with two rescues and like this I am flying it almost at the top of the weight range with the equipment weighing around 18Kg and than on the other site an open harness and a front rescue with total weight of 6-7 kg for that late season hike and fly.

I am eager to try it in a comp set up against other EN-D gliders next season for which I have a very good feeling 🙂