Our final event for the XC league took place in Ohrid on Galicia mountain. Two days of typical ridge flying of which one was canceled due to strong wind.

Ohrid was our most reliable site for a race this late in the season due it’s west facing and steep slopes so we did not made a wrong choice, not to mention the views that are never getting old :).

First day we had a technical day with light winds and blue sky. Bobo was in the lead for the first part of the race, after which was caught up by Martin who had a pour start but was on a superb ridge run for the win. Bobo was second in goal with Darko third and Goran forth which is also his first goal.

In the effort to not fall to much behind i made things not easy for me and bombed out, Therefore it is definitely of the highest priority to work on my consistency.

Second day of the event was canceled due to too much wind for a task and we did some free flying.

Again it was great to be around friends that want to race and to improve, we had lots of fun and for sure next year will be filled with more and better events like this where we will aid our quest to again become a force in the paragliding world 😉

Last but not least congrats to our winner Martin, and the rest of the podium Bobo and Dare!


Task Result

Macedonian XC League 2017 – official results