We had our second event of the XC league in MK on Popova Sapka, we also had huge number of pilots attending and the best local support ever from Pg Ljuboten.

Task was set to be around 35km in what looked like a quite stable day with inversion at 1800m. Martin positioned him self in the higher mountains for the start while all of us were using the front part of the ridge close to the flats. Of cores he made huge advantage on us and made goal around 15 min before the second one. At the back of the pack we were going well in a group of 4-5 until the first turn-point after which me and Dare formed the second gaggle with Martin in front.


It was a great race with Dare, changing positions all the time, we did many comps together this summer but this was the first where we did all the race together, looking forward to many like this :). At the end I made second and he made third. Bobo was 4th and final pilot in goal.

I was flying the HERO and I was supper happy with it, I could see and feel that I have more performance than the sport class gliders while having fun flying it at the same time :).

Special thanks to Pg Ljuboten for being the best hosts ever!


Macedonian XC League 2017 – Popova Sapka – Task 1