A dream come true, I am at my first World Cup. Big opening ceremony, lots of staff, food, drinks, top pilots, The Mayor of Nis… for sure we are at the right place and it feels good!


The bad weather for the weekend stopped us from flying the training day and the first task. Some pilots that arrived early managed to have some nice air time on Friday, lucky them! The action is in the video below.

I love it how paragliding doesn’t take me to the big cities and your every day tourist destinations. It’s always some mountains, villages and towns where people are great and the nature is breath taking, Nis is not an exception.

Exploring Nis before the rain.

Tomorrow we start to get on with our air races, I will be updating my blog and you can follow all the action live at the PWCA website.

Special thanks to Paragliding Club Vertigo , Air Design and Darko for making this happen.