After 7 months in Slovenia today was the first XC flight at my home site Vodno.  It is always good to be home and I am happy with todays classic Vodno-Gostivar.


The forecast promised a lot, however with every update there was bit more north wind so I was getting more and more skeptical. Pero and Mac started their hike and fly in the early morning and me and Ljube joined them at the take off by car.

The sky was totally covered and the north wind was nowhere to be seen, I was quite sure that I will do just a glide down and felt sorry that I didn’t do the hike up the morning so I can feel like I have done something :D. After the take offs of Ljube and Pero we saw that it was not yet working so me and Mac decided to wait.

We decided good, we climbed immediately after our take off, Mac stayed on the hill and I went to the west. I still haven’t decided where I wanted to fly to but than a wild cloud street appeared and I went to Gostivar. The initial plan was to try to go to Pelagonia but I was not confident as the wind was increasing and was happy to end my flight in Gostivar.

Doarama animation.