After 6 tasks the unofficial winter league “Snowflake 2017” is over. Thanks to some considerable amount of luck I managed to take first place in the Sport class on my Volt 2!

Photo by Parasnezinka, link on the bottom of the post

It all started October 2015 when I first came to Slovenia. I was trying to find some organized flying events and I found this, “Snezinka”, XC competition designed for pilots to learn from the best in SLO and a way into Comp flying. After my first event last year I was almost dead last, I really had no clue how to get in front on the results table, so I said to myself I will do my best to learn everything I can, just forget about the results and next year I win. Now this has actually happened and I still think  it’s quite unreal! Also, I have to add, Slovenian paragliding community is just great and I am super happy to part of it!


Congrats to the Overall winners: Dusan, Jost, and Bojan and to the female winner Lara.

The Last task saw some quite difficult conditions and eventually we all bombed-out in the first part of the race.