Hopes for long task were high but Task 5 of the winter league saw tricky conditions with big shade. At the end we got a 57km task with turn points little bit outside on the ridge at Kovk, with one going to Nanos and than back to the ridge at Kovk before going to goal at picerija Anja.


The struggle was real! After getting the start cylinder going back to the top of the ridge was out of option and the battle to stay in the air was on. After successfully saving my ass and managing to get close to cloud base (at around 1350m asl) it looked like I am out of trouble, I was wrong. After a short glide I stayed in a very weak thermal trying to correct the altitude before going to the next turn point but didn’t climb at all and went anyway because… racing, right :).

After that we were in a big shade and bombed out with bunch of other pilots. There was only one pilot in goal Marko Novak. However, I am second in sport class and still third overall with 15 points from the first. It all comes down to the Final task that will be held in Stajerska (east part of Slovenia) on the next good weekend.


Overall results.