Another weekend another great weather, Primorska has done it again this year, we are getting 5 m/s thermals on the end of October keep it up sun 🙂


Another task on the ridge, this time I was feeling the pressure that comes with being second overall it is a situation I have never been in. Now I know I have a good chance and the skills to go for the front but on the other hand I know I should just relax, this is already big achievement. After a short discussion with Tim, going through some pros and cons of going for the good result I have decided result is important it is not enough just to take part, full attack!

The race started nice, gliding bit behind in the first half, than I was pretty much in the leading group (of sports class of course), going on bar on the ridge the Slovenian style. I have to say that I am very happy with my Volt 2 it gives me all the confidence and performance to explore this new ways of flying. Approaching the final glide another mistake. Going for the last turn point little bit in the flats I had a plan to climb at the take off in Lijak as long as my app  “xc track” that worked so very well on the last task says that I have positive altitude over goal. When I reached this thermal I had -300m altitude over goal. Ok all according the plan a really strong thermal (luckily) and I climbed from 800m to 1280m that’s when it said that I will arrive with 70m height in goal.


Starting the final glide I saw that the other guys didn’t even climb they were now just about to reach goal. The glide was amazing I was not sinking at all full bar and in goal with 450m altitude above goal, therefore I would have made it with out the last overthermaled thermal. Obviously this is not how I win competitions and just maybe I am not there yet but I like this game of trail and error, for sure a lesson learned! Observe more and question the instruments.

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