Finally an above average result 1st position in Sport class and in 5th Overall.


T2 was moved one weekend sooner due to the really good forecast which turned out to be great. Strong climbs, windy and awesome. The task was almost 50 km long with zig zag on the ridge to Chaven and back above Nova Gorica with a final turn-point deeper in the flats.

After a very nice start and an attack to the front which kind of worked out I was in a really nice position like 80% of the race. The crucial part was a big shadow that was a big problem for many but luckily I was quite in front of it and pushed little bit to stay in the sun which worked great.

However the final push for the fifth turn point at Chaven put me in an unfavorable position where I was very low. However I managed to find something and really stayed there to find the thermal. I was in this “lift” for like 15 minutes I was losing and gaining height back and forward more losing than gaining but I don’t know why I just stayed stayed there, probably experience, maybe instinct or I have learned stuff :). Suddenly it worked and I found the strong thermal, now thinking about it there was no doubt that I would climb there it was just a matter of time.


Than I was joined by an Ikuma flown by Peter from there we were together to the next thermal climbing all the way to cloud base and going for the final glide.

Today I was flying with XC Track and put every info about the glide available,  it worked perfectly I was in goal with 50-100 m to spare. Also the XC Track worked nice along the whole task so I strongly recommend it.

The shadow made problem for many people including Tim and Domen, terefore me and Peter are the only ones in goal from sports class and I am P1 which feels nice, I hope getting in goal will be like a habit and the good result just makes the beer that much tastier :).


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