Finally some good weather for a weekend! Today was the 1st Task of Para Snezinka, location was Lijak and the forecast was promising!


The task was 37km long for EN-D class 5km less for EN-C (Up to EN-C has smaller cylinders to make things more close between classes), mostly on the ridge with some turn-points bit in the flats just to spice things up. Primorska is crazy! It just works, once in the air we all started climbing, jumping from cloud to cloud which were quite low at the start, below 1000m asl.



The start went great and my plan was to be offensive and try to push, of course in the hurry of things I managed to get very low below the take off in Lijak and lost some time climbing back up, from there I had a nice ridge run, managed not to waste more time.. for a while, after two turn-points I was again very low.

Goal smiley on the Flytec 🙂

Some guys were climbing in the flats before and I decided to go for it, I was too low for the ridge and went for the flats quite low with plan C or D to land and call the retrieve. Luckily that didn’t happen and together with a green Carrera we managed to get to cloud base again. From there it was an easy job to goal. There were 10 turn-points on this thirty something km long task so I must say once or twice I was filling quite lost more planing for the next time.

The Animation includes just few pilots ranked from 10th place onward.

It was a very nice day of flying with a great company, looking forward to the next race.

Congrats to Jean and Luka for first goal 🙂