Week north wind and two weeks of sunny weather on the end of the summer a flying window not to be missed. Just after the tandem season I am now quite hungry for some adventure and cross country flying, however strong inversions and and some everyday obligations are keeping me grounded. However few days we fly and struggle with inversion, shadow and week climbs, on one of this days with inversion and week climbs I was able to do the last little cross country flight before going of to Slovenia.


Together with Deki who finally got to use his days off for flying and our driver for the day, Bobi we went on Popova Sapka. I take off first to find the thermal for Deki, but there is no thermal so we glide together to the Landing Zone and “voila” a thermal.


Starting week and getting little bit stronger until 600m above the ground from there connecting with the mountain and from there little by little with some unusual flying, close to the terrain and with climbs that only get me to 1500m asl I managed to get away into the unknown.


Big thanks to the ground team who was following me and was there when I landed 🙂