Another tandem paragliding season in Ohrid is behind us. For me this was my second year as a tandem pilot. I was in Ohrid for something more than 3 months, flying on daily basis and I have been the pilot of around 250 flights.

The Office

Being a tandem pilot has been my dream ever since I got introduced to paragliding and to get money from something I have a great passion for is very special I must say, for sure any other job I might do in the future will have a hard time biting this one.

If I counted how many times people have said to me that I have the best job in the world it would easy reach hundreds. Tandem flights are often straightforward, passengers don’t get to do anything other than enjoying the view so for them it might seem as pretty easy money. With that thought people that make things or activities look easy means that they are very good at them and devote a lot of their time into inquiring the required skills

The pilot has no option than to do things perfectly. Take off must be good, landing must be good and the flight must be at the highest level of safety. Also there is the direct responsibility for your passenger regardless of the waiver. You must make decisions of the weather, take care of the passenger, make sure he or she is feeling good because it is very easy to feel seek on a paragliders passenger seat and so on.

Point to be made is that it looks like an easy job because of the effort, time and money that each pilot put in order to be an expert in his field and to be able to share that incredible experience of sports flying with all the adventurous souls out there.

For me it is the best job in the world. I am happy to be a part of a top level team: Smile, Sasho, Ljube, Bobo, Compe, Sara , Riki and the rest from behind the curtains; to spend lots of hours in the sky and making it more and more my natural environment and to meet all this incredible people from all over the world. My picture now is all over the globe and hearing the passengers words: “this was the best thing I ever did” are very easy to get used to and can easily become addictive.

Here is a video from our facebook page hope you like it.