The pre-europeans were held this week in my home country just couple of hours drive from my home. It took a while to collect all the equipment I would need for my XC competition so it is needless to say that I have not missed this chance to take part in this pre-european, Hungarian Fai 2 open.


Many thanks to Flytec for equipping me with the Flytec Element so that I don’t have my equipment as an excuse. Also thanks to my paragliding club Vertigo for the huge support financial and non financial. I could see my phone on the cockpit and seeing them chatting and following the live track was one of the best things that could happen to my motivation and determination.

First day was cancelled due to rain. Second day, there was a task but it got cancelled right away due to rain on the route.

Third day there was a 55 something km task, my first task ever.


I had problems with the start gate, apparently I set it to enter cylinder instead of exit. Like that was not enough I got to base with 10 minutes to go and then lost all the high. So when the gate was opened I had to climb and than to start the race.

But other than that everything went smoothly I managed to catch few people and got to see the goal smiley face on the new Flytec Element.

After all that self confidence I was ready to take task 2.

Task 2 (61 km) started a lot better than the previous day. I managed to climb with the first group, Enzos and Boomerangs all around me, It was one of the highlights of the comp for sure. However when the gate opened they still managed to escape me. I bombed out after 2 turn points or 44 km, did everything good I was in a group the guys managed to climb I didn’t. I was low, the thermals were bent and inconsistent, more skill was required, still great fun and a big smile on my face.

Task 3 was one of my most serious fights ever. Reaching TP 1 was very difficult for me. I almost bombed out, had a low save, made many good and bad decisions about the line, had to push in strong wind to catch the turn point. After I got to it I had another low save but this time next turn point was downwind and I finally made base. From then on next turn points were easy but I couldn’t catch anything and had to land 5 km to Goal. I went through all kinds of things on this flight it lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes, I was exhausted after it, a unforgettable experience indeed.


I have finished my first competition in 12 place overall from 39 pilots competing in the sports class. I am happy, It was great honor to fly with some of the top guys in Macedonia and the region, competitions are awesome, getting in goal is awesome I am sure goal will see more of me 😉

Huge thanks to Stamat who was always there helping me, It was a pleasure and a privilege to compete with him, Thank you for showing me how not to give up. Can’t wait to compete with even more friends around me.

In this three days I was flying for 9h & 20 min and covered 160 km, I can only say that this things can get addictive.